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Creaite Review and The Feature Breakdown

In this Creaite review, we are here to break you down the features and the core benefits for those who are using the app. Before you buy a product on the internet, it’s always needed to understand about its so that you have the best understanding to avoid the unnecessary refund request.

Features 01: Generate Article in Chosen Categories

This is the core feature of the tool and is why Joshua advertises his product to be Artificial Intelligent. You just need to choose the pre-mate categories from the product creator and then choose additional sub-category (this is to fetch a relevant content) so you can make article with their niche.

Features 02: WordPress Plugin + Automatic Content Publishing

The wordpress plugin is so powerful so we can download it and upload it, then activate on your site. Thanks to that, whenever you want to publish an article generated from Joshua’s app into any WordPress site, you don’t need to login into Creaite, just choose category, sub-category and starting prompt from your wordpress site, then push it automatically.

You can even whitelabel that plugin, this is for those who run the content publishing services to client. So, you don’t let people know you are using the plugin from Joshua’s team so you can confidently perform, fulfill the services to clients and they don’t know you are using Creaite to make article for them, they still think you are brainstorming.

And you can even publish article directly from Creaite’s dashboard. Just choose the generated article and then choose the publish content into that website that you have integrated. So, you don’t need to manually copy and then manually paste into WordPress Blog content editor.

We hope that this Creaite review is helpful enough for you to close a decision either to buy it or not. To proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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